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The meeting will take place in Room M-112 of the Lane Medical Library.

On-Campus Shuttle Service

The SLAC Guesthouse is NOT within walking distance. There is a free campus shuttle service, Marguerite, that runs Monday through Friday. You can take this shuttle service to the Medical center from SLAC during the week.

However, there is NO shuttle service on Saturdays. To get to the Medical Center from SLAC on Saturday, you will need to rent a car, take a taxi or share a ride.


Parking on Friday is available on the top floor of the parking garage (Parking Structure #5, aka Stock Farm Parking Garage). Permits are $3.50 each. Participants will need a special parking permit (marked "E") to park here. Parking on Saturday is unrestricted and participants can park in any lot without a permit.


Map showing SLAC in relation to Campus: [1]

Map showing location of Parking Structure and Classroom: [2]

Map showing location of classroom within Medical Center: [3]