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I just had a look at the ontology and I was a bit surprised that there is no sub-BFO Hierarchy. Fly, Insect and Organism are siblings which strikes me as odd. Is there a reason for this? (Mathias Brochhausen, IFOMIS)

Hi Mathias - agreed, fly, insect and organism should not be siblings. These terms should probably not even be in IDO as they are (i think) in other ontologies. What do others think?

I completely agree.

By the way is there a chance of getting a owl file (with definitions) in order to work directly on it? Mathias

Owl file should be there now, along with an OBO Edit file. Dates in filenames indicate which is the most recent. In the near term, we will work in OBO Edit and use the converter to update the OWL file. When we begin asserting relations other than is_a and part_of, we will probably migrate to OWL. We will keep the group informed.

How do you define "pain". Depending on the definition I would not agree that pain is an object. Mathias

Good question. We had lots of interesting discussion about pain. Is pain the perception or the signals that the brain receives and perceives as pain? What do you think?

I am rather certain that pain is not an independent contiuant, so it has to go to the dependent branch. Maybe it is a symptom?

I am not sure whether being epidemic and being pandemic qualifies as a criterion differntiating two universals. I'd think this is either two FiatProcessParts (since the thresholds are defied by humans, if I remember that right, or maybe a property or a quality.....What do you think? Mathias

hmmm. i think i need to go reread parts of the BFO manual ...

ps i bolded my responses so they would stand out but feel free to unbold them and bold yours so the new comments standout.