Phenote:Minutes: May 1, 2007

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New Phenote features

  • move autocompletion filters into menu
  • brief documentation on configuration
  • multiple differentia for post composition
  • can configure with namespace for ontology/obo
  • sticky free text bug fixed
  • worm adapter
  • better err msg on data adapter failing to load any data (wrong adapter)
  • refactored how ontologies are stored in phenote - good for post composition parsing and reasoning (for graphics & such down the road)
  • added new configs "omim.cfg" zfin_standalone.cfg"

What's *bug*ing you?

  • abnormal/normal tags. these are also in PATO. currently it is a child of continuant. these should be outside. there's a current request on the tracker to move the term #1690773.
  • when there's no appropriate pato term, annotate to PATO:quality. its a good placeholder. add a tag=abnormal.
  • don't use normal/abnormal except as tags.
  • assumption that leaving tag off means abnormal, only sometimes
  • want abnormalnormal as a checkbox

Setting priorities

  • configuration - allow for some/all of RO in the post-comp (ex: only part_of)


Administrative items

  • OK to move this slot to 8:30am?
  • would like to have a webinar to show the features of phenote.
    • recommendations on when?
    • recommendations on what audience to target?

In attendance

Michael Ashburner, David Sutherland, Melissa Haendel, Nicole Washington, Mark Gibson, Suzi Lewis