Phenote:Minutes: June 5, 2007

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Talking points

  • joint meeting with NESCent to discuss user interfaces and workflows for their PhenoMaP project 8:30-9am.
  • numbering of configs & versioning
    • decided that for NCBO, Nicole would be the 'gatekeeper' of the configuration. Any modifications to the configuration would be discussed/decided within the larger group, then Nicole will update the configuration on the server. The idea will be that major changes would happen on the server, then be distributed via the webstart application. This will probably be the method that zfin will also take as a means to distribute a version to their collaborating labs. We'll set it up so that the user's will always get the most updated version from the webstart.
    • Note that this is a pretty good policy for groups to keep in mind. Although this is not the overall policy. Probably needs to be decided within each community.
  • display of post composed terms in the table. how do you like the current display? if you don't like it, what might be 'prettier' or better for understanding?
    • punted to the obo-phenote mailing list
  • solicitation for information about 'expression' configuration. this is a hot topic right now. many groups want to be annotating expression phenotypes. will start discussion on the obo-phenote mailing list, but will set up a obo-phenote-expression list.

New Phenote features

05.24.2007, version 1.3 released

  • feature: Web-based documentation and Help features check it out here
  • feature: Metadata fields added to configuration. User can name their configuration, add a description, and author
  • feature: Descriptions can be added for fields
  • feature: Master-to-local overwrite stuff
  • feature: Dialog allows user to back out of exiting from File->Exit
  • feature: Autocompletion search default settings configurable
  • feature: User can save search setting defaults if changed during Phenote session
  • feature: Added sample config for BIRN
  • feature: Added SAO.obo ontology for BIRN
  • feature: Namespace config writes back
  • feature: Can specify more than one website for ontology update
  • feature: Empty field shows all terms in ontology rather than none
  • feature: Can add more differentia to post comp
  • change: File->New is disabled until next version
  • change: ncbo, zfin-standalone, flybase, demo configurations modified to include master-overwrite feature; keeping track of revision history in file comments
  • change: can read http, https, ftp, ftps for ontology update URLs, not just http [1718945]
  • bugfix: Bulk-editing functions are working again
  • bugfix: Undo wasn't working for several functions due to a bug in the Copy function [ 1721044]
  • bugfix: multi-select deletes free-text content replaces with * [1721032]
  • bugfix: pre 1.2 post comp data wasnt able to load [1721470]
  • bugfix: Config update/merge bug where fields in wrong order fixed.

What's *bug*ing you?

  • UI annoyances
  • New bugs?

Setting priorities

  1. Top 10 Highest priorities from tracker:
    • loading status & description [1669587]
    • gui for configuration [1671204]
    • no autocomplete on a few characters/configurable [1592012]
    • tracking annotation date & assign_by [1727981]
    • tabbed field panel, configurable [1677389]
    • "enter" does not accept text fields [1600656]
    • click on table cell to move cursor to that field [1594468]
    • clear all/start over [1579368]
    • user specified default settings [1669561]
    • right-click functionality [1670429]
  2. Are these still important?
  3. Are there other items of higher priority?
    • want to move the priority of "live reconfigure" higher than the GUI. since it is a necessary part of the GUI configuration spec anyway, will work on this first.
    • want to move up saving changes to 'term history' display preferences


Administrative items

  • New: Separating out features from bug requests:
    • Please use the "Group" category of "new feature" when submitting a new feature request.

In attendance

Mark Gibson, Nicole Washington, Melissa Handell, David Sutherland, Gary Schindelman, Yvonne Bradford, Midori Harris, Michael Ashburner, Hilmar Lapp, Jim Balhoff, Paula Mabee, John Lundberg