Phenote:Minutes: April 10, 2007

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In attendance

Nicole Washington, Mark Gibson, Michael Ashburner, Suzi Lewis, Melissa Haendel, Gully Burns, Yvonne Bradford, David Sutherland, Jim Balhoff, Chris Mungall, Hilmar Lapp


  • Introductions - "what do you want to get out of this?"
  • Set a regular meeting time
  • Preference of format for future meetings
  • What's coming up for phenote (Mark)


  • Everyone present introduced themselves, where they were from, and what they were here for:
    • Nicole Washington (NCBO), Chair, phenote developer and biologist<-->computer requirements interpreter
    • Mark Gibson (NCBO), phenote developer
    • Michael Ashburner (Flybase), OMIM and flybase curation
    • Suzi Lewis (NCBO), project leader, making sure phenote meets everyone's needs
    • Melissa Haendel (Zfin), curation, lead on annotation at zfin
    • Gully Burns (USC), developing biocuration tools for NLP support.
    • Yvonne Bradford (Zfin), OMIM curation for NCBO
    • David Sutherland (Flybase), not ready for general curation, helping pave the way for fly phenotype curation
    • Jim Balhoff (NESCent), collaboration with Monte and Paula, using PATO for evolutionary annotation; using parts of phenote (planned, not in development)
    • Chris Mungall (NCBO), lurker
    • Hilmar Lapp (NESCent), lurker
  • Ashburner suggested that SOPs are needed for the following:
    • User documentation for annotation
    • Configuring the Phenote interface
  • M.Gibson reported on features actively being developed for next release:
    • ability to have >2 differentia for post-composition.
    • allow for database backends (working with wormbase developer)
    • better versioning
    • gui configuration