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Release Notes for the NanoParticle Ontology (NPO)

Version 02-04-2009

  1. added concept developmental process / code: NPO_992
  2. added concept anatomical structure formation / code: NPO_993
  3. added concept cellular process / code: NPO_994
  4. added concept cell death / code: NPO_995
  5. added concept programmed cell death / code: NPO_996
  6. added concept cell adhesion / code: NPO_997
  7. added concept cell cycle process / code: NPO_998
  8. added concept cell cycle phase / code: NPO_999
  9. added concept polynucleotide / code: NPO_1000
  10. added concept nucleic acid / code: NPO_1001
  11. added concept deoxyribonucleic acid / code: NPO_1002
  12. added concept ribonucleic acid / code: NPO_1003
  13. added concept metabolic process / code: NPO_1004
  14. added concept biosynthetic process / code: NPO_1005
  15. added concept biopolymer biosynthetic process / code: NPO_1006
  16. added concept cellular biopolymer biosynthetic process / code: NPO_1007
  17. added concept cellular component / code: NPO_1008
  18. added concept cell / code: NPO_1009
  19. added concept cellular biosynthetic process / code: NPO_1010
  20. created necessary and sufficient condition for "Cellular Process": Biological Process and has_participant some Cell
  21. added concept cellular metabolic process / code: NPO_1011
  22. added concept cellular biopolymer metabolic process / code: NPO_1012
  23. added concept biopolymer metabolic process / code: NPO_1013
  24. added concept DNA metabolic process / codE: NPO_1014
  25. added concept transcription / code: NPO_1015
  26. added concept RNA metabolic process / code: NPO_1016
  27. placed "has_output_participant" as a subclass of "has_participant" [use has_output_participant relation for any biopolymer formed in a process]
  28. added concept RNA biosynthetic process / code: NPO_1017
  29. made "tumor necrosis factor biosynthetic process" as a subclass of "cellular biopolymer biosynthetic process"
  30. change preferred_Name "galium" to "gallium"
  31. change preferred_Name "carbonate group" to "carbonate ester group"
  32. change preferred_Name "anhydride group" to "acid anhydride group"
  33. entered preferred_name for "Epoxide_Compound" (code: NPO_956)
  34. change preferred_Name "nanostructure" to "nanomaterial"; also change its rdf:iD (code: NPO_199)
  35. added concept nanostructure / code: NPO_1018
  36. placed 1-D nanostructure, 2-D nanostructure, 3-D nanostructure, nanobud under nanostructure
  37. placed "nanooparticle formulation" as subclass of "nanomaterial"