NCBO-OOR Source Control Practices and Processes

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Stage 1 – Start Simple - Initial Development

The entire OOR community has access to the NCBO-OOR source code (essentially the BioPortal source). Use your favorite SVN client tool to retrieve the latest source code.

The BioPortal server side source can be perused at the following NCBO GForge link:

The BioPortal user interface source can be perused at the following NCBO GForge link:

In April 2009, a NCBO GForge branch will be created starting with an initial core pool of developers having commit access (including Michael Gruniger's graduate students). Read access will be entirely public.

Stage 2 – Ramp-Up Collaboration

As the developer community grows, there will quickly be a need for clear open source collaboration processes and practices. Mike Dean and Benjamin Dai will establish Open Source Collaboration policies (e.g., commit rights, trusted developers, external developers, etc). The NCBO GForge site will continue to be the primary source control mechanism for OOR.

As details of the NCBO-OOR open source collaboration policies are established, they will be updated on this wiki page.