Minutes from 10/11/07 Conference Call

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Present on the call: Jim Zheng, Christian Cocos, Jennifer Fostel, Richard Scheuermann, Herb Hagler

1. Discussion of merging Jennifer's term list with Jim's algorithm. Prioritize by CDISC then STDM terms. Jennifer has posted on google docs a spreadsheet with Jim's terms alligned with Jennifer's. Everyone should edit the google doc online, place their initials in the column 1-6 and indicate the OBI branch that best represents each term's placement. Try to complete this before next week's meeting.
2. Richard's report -
I wanted to give you all a quick summary of two recent meetings that I attended that are relevant to the OCI project.

A. A week ago Friday I attended a clinical research data standards workshop hosted by Chris Chute at Mayo for the CTSA informatics groups. There were several presentations related to existing and emerging data standards of interest to the clinical and translational research communities, including HL7RIM, CDISC, caBIG, OCRe, NCI EVS, and BRIDG. The Ontology of Clinical Research (OCRe) is a completing effort being lead by Ida Sim to represent the clinical research domain. Toward the end of the meeting, the group discussed the possibility of working together on a well-defined data standards project that would be potentially valuable in support of data interoperability. We decided to try to work on the structuring of clinical trial registry data as it relates to the WHO CONSORT checklist (see attachment). Ida will be leading the effort, but I will also be actively involved. I'd like to discuss this further during our call this week.

B. Last week I presented OCI at the CDISC International Interchange Workshop (also attached). Although the content was quite a bit more abstract in comparison with the other presentations, I think that it generated a fair amount of interest in the audience since several speakers mentioned the talk in their presentations and ontologies as the future direction for their terminology standards. I think we may be able to leverage the work that we might do on the CONSORT checklist as a mechanism for collaboration with the CDISC Terminology community. Again, another topic for discussion on Thursday.

3. Discussed Item A. above and everyone agreed that working on the Clinical Trial Registry Data would be a good place to start completing the term list annotation.
4. Discussed Item B. above and will wait for Ida's white paper regarding CONSORT checklist.
5. Jim's algorithm

Next call scheduled for October 18th at regular time.