Minutes from 04/19/07 Conference Call

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Jim, Wenle, Trish, Cristian, Simona, Jamie, Richard


  • Jennifer unable to attend and give OBI overview.
  • Simona posted 2 terms lists. Wenle evaluated them and concluded that we need an expert to assemble documents and prepare term lists to cover clinical trial design, management, conduction and analysis.
  • Our term lists were not intended to be comprehensive at this point. These 2 lists definitely don’t cover anything, but are selective for the higher level.
  • We should define the high-level structure that might serve as ontology branches starting with Richard’s high-level concepts rough draft posted on the wiki. In parallel, we can assign membership of terms from our term lists into branches. The next step is to pick one branch and try to flesh out the ontology just in that branch. This would demonstrate the scope/domain of the CTO as well as an example of a detailed structure within one branch for the May meeting.
  • Action items to accomplish via wiki and e-mail

1. Play around with high-level classes on wiki. Restructure or add classes but do not delete anything.
2. Continue to add terms to term lists
3. assemble term lists to eliminate any redundancy and categorize terms into branches
4. select a branch to develop more fully
5. Find some specific examples of clinical trials that could be used to validate high-level structure and terms

  • Challenges

1. How do we determine whether our term list is comprehensive enough? Probably need to engage experts to help us do this.

  • Note: next Thursday’s meeting to be cancelled