May 2008 Is a Orphans in the Cell Ontology

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As of May 30, 2008, 57 cell types in the Cell Ontology lack an is_a path to the root node cell. We would like to provide this is_a path in short order. The proposal is to provide these paths by June 15, 2008, either by providing an is_a parent of an appropriate superclass of cell, or by linking to the root. We are taking suggestions about what is_a parents to use. Please look at the list below and make some suggestions. All cells still without a valid suggestion for an is_a path to the root will be made direct is_a children of the root node after June 15, 2008.

Please note that some of these cells do have a direct is_a parent but lack an is_a path to the root because their parent or grandparent has no is_a parent itself. In such cases correcting the parentage of a higher level cell type may correct the parentage of many lower level cell types as well.

ID              Name                                                      Suggested Is_a Parent
CL:0000462	adepithelial cell
CL:0000336	adrenal medulla cell
CL:0000127	astrocyte
CL:0000644	Bergmann glial cell
CL:0000569	cardiac mesenchymal cell
CL:0000141	cementocyte
CL:0000348	choroidal cell
CL:0000392	crystal cell
CL:0000345	dental papilla cell
CL:0000715	embryonic crystal cell
CL:0000736	embryonic gland hemocyte
CL:0000734	embryonic gland plasmatocyte
CL:0000683	ependymoglial cell
CL:0000082	epithelial cell of lung
CL:0000083	epithelial cell of pancreas
CL:0000135	fibrocyte
CL:0000125	glial cell
CL:0000243	glial cell (sensu Vertebrata)
CL:0000292	guard cell
CL:0000262	guard mother cell
CL:0000143	guidepost cell
CL:0000346	hair papilla cell
CL:0000387	hemocyte (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)
CL:0000142	hyalocyte
CL:0000854	interneuromast cell
CL:0000396	lamellocyte
CL:0000716	lymph gland crystal cell
CL:0000735	lymph gland hemocyte
CL:0000733	lymph gland plasmatocyte
CL:0000126	macroglial cell
CL:0000401	macrophage (sensu Diptera)
CL:0000242	Merkel cell
CL:0000650	mesangial cell
CL:0000335	mesenchyme condensation cell
CL:0000636	Muller cell
CL:0000680	muscle precursor cell
CL:0000133	neurectodermal cell
CL:0000710	neuroepithelial cell
CL:0000095	neuron associated cell
CL:0000130	neuron associated cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)
CL:0000123	neuron associated cell (sensu Vertebrata)
CL:0000029	neuron neural crest derived
CL:0000128	oligodendrocyte
CL:0000570	parafollicular cell
CL:0000516	perineuronal satellite cell
CL:0000645	pituicyte
CL:0000394	plasmatocyte
CL:0000391	podocyte (sensu Diptera)
CL:0000398	polygonal cell
CL:0000395	procrystal cell
CL:0000347	scleral cell
CL:0000297	socket cell
CL:0000499	stromal cell
CL:0000114	surface ectodermal cell
CL:0000643	tanycyte
CL:0000307	tracheal epithelial cell
CL:0000282	trichome

Thanks for your help!