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This document is part of a series of documents describing the representation of metadata in BioPortal

Developers who install their own version of Bioportal, should be able to custom-tailor the metadata that they store and present by custom-tailoring the BioPortal metadata ontology. The list below contains the elements of this ontology that the code uses explicitly. These elements should not be altered. The rest can be extended and/or modified. For example, one can:

  • add new metadata properties
  • change the list of summary properties and core properties
  • add new types of annotations
  • change dimensions of ontology review
  • ...

The ontology elements on which the code depends:

All the strings mentioned in the class

For the moment, the following components are initialized in the code and need to be updated there:

  • the list of core properties (the properties that appear on the Ontology metadata page)
  • the list of summary properties (the properties that appear in the table for the Browse page)
  • the list of dimensions for ontology reviews