Technology: Ontology Library

NCBO aids investigators in biomedical research by developing open source tools to enhance access to and analysis of biomedical data and knowledge. BioPortal – a Web-based application and sharing biomedical ontologies – is just one of many tools that NCBO offers.
Web-based application for accessing and sharing biomedical ontologies
  • Browse, find, and filter ontologies in BioPortal library
  • Search all ontologies in the BioPortal library with your terms
  • Submit a new ontology to BioPortal library
  • Views on large ontologies
  • Explore mappings between ontologies  


Web Services
Ontology Web Services
Use REST Web services to access BioPortal content
Ontology Widgets
Use NCBO technology directly on your Web site or in your application
Other BioPortal Installations
Earth Sciences Semantics Portal
Access to ontologies for experimental, observational, and computer modeling data in Earth Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC
The ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center for Biogeochemical Dynamics, sponsored by NASA, holds nearly 1,000 datasets focused on terrestrial ecology and environmental processes. It also provides subsetting and visualization services for over 60 TB of land products from the MODIS satellite. The ORNL DAAC hosts an instance of BioPortal populated with community ontologies for the Earth Sciences.