Ontology Applications for Non-Ontologists


Dr. James Malone will give an overview of EBI's work of the past year on the NCBO Driving Biological Project which has focused on developing applications such as Phenotator to allow EBI's wider life science user base to contribute to EBI's ontology development. Dr. Malone will also describe how their RDF Platform fits in with this goal and how they intend to widen the audience by creating RDFApps, focused applications which lower the barrier to using RDF by using modes of interaction familiar to our core users. He demonstrates this with their first such App - the AtlasRDF Bioconductor package. Finally, Dr. Malone will outline future work which is currently underway to design and develop an application for domain expert, non-ontologist created ontology classes for annotating drug assay, cell line and phenotype data.


Dr James Malone is a Lead Ontologist at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) working in the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies team. James has a PhD in Bioinformatics and has experience in developing applications for academic and industrial settings, utilising approaches from areas such as machine learning, ontology, data mining and the semantic web. His current work includes the development of ontologies for rare and common disease and their association to genes, the EBI’s Experimental Factor Ontology and the EBI RDF Platform and applications for exploiting RDF.


Slides from this talk are available here.