Ontology Mapping - A User Survey

Sunday, November 11, 2007

S. M. Falconer, N. F. Noy, M. A. Storey. Conference Proceeding from the The Second International Workshop on Ontology Matching at ISWC 07 + ASWC 07, Busan, Korea. November 2007.

Ontology mapping is the key to data interoperability in the semantic web vision. Computing mappings is the first step to applications such as query rewriting, instance sharing, web-service integration, and ontology merging. This problem has received a lot of attention in recent years, but little is known about how users actually construct mappings. Several ontology-mapping tools have been developed, but which tools do users actually use? What processes are users following to discover, track, and compute mappings? How do teams coordinate when performing mappings? In this paper, we discuss the results from an on-line user survey where we gathered feedback from the community to help answer these important questions. We discuss the results from the survey and the implications they may have on the mapping research community.