BioPortal Release 5.0.0 (February 2017)

We are pleased to announce the latest release of BioPortal, version 5.0.0! This release rewrites the BioPortal user interface to make it more responsive, extensible, easy to use and navigate, and compatible with mobile platforms.

This release represents an overhaul of our user interface, using bootstrap as the front-end framework to enable immediate and longer-term improvements. You will see many of those enhancements in coming months. Since the October 2016 release, we have also made a number of minor changes, mostly under the hood, and recently added a few significant features to the Recommender. Release Notes will be added shortly for those changes.

New BioPortal Home Page

Please Note: Although we are aware of some bugs that have surfaced since the transition, so far they have been relatively minor and most can be worked around by re-sizing the page or changing tabs. We thought the new interface was a large enough improvement that you would want to start using it right away. Rest assured, we will be working to squash those bugs in the next few days, so please bear with us for this brief period.


  • Released new BioPortal user interface, including the features described below.
  • Implemented new UI framework based on boostrap, enabling cleaner management of all UI elements.
  • Redesigned the front page to provide cleaner and more informative look and feel, and put key features front and center.
  • Added graph to show top ontology access counts, replacing table with similar information.
  • Redesigned header to move most links to the menu bar, simplifying header and unifying it across all pages.
  • Redesigned footer to include appropriate and cleanly presented content, including social links, unified across all pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the prompt for the ontology search on the front page, which would not produce desired results.
  • Fixed layout issues in front page header.


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Release Announcement