Workshop Agenda

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  1. Background and motivation
    • Brief overview of major biological problems BIRN seeks to address
    • Discuss current capabilities and challenges related to ontologies in BIRN
  2. Tools
    • Tutorial on Protégé and some of its more advanced features (examples from other ontology projects)
    • Expressing biological concepts in terms of an ontology
      • --Example scenarios from current cBiO Core 3 projects (sequence data annotation, PaTO)
      • --Possible future directions (formal relation ontologies and composed annotations)
      • --Image annotation with ontologies
  3. Content
    • Look at ontologies used by BIRN in depth (send out BIRN ontologies for us to review in advance)
    • Best practices; lessons learned from other ontology development projects (Barry Smith)
  4. Potential Applications: what do we need to get there from here?
    • Integrate multi-scale, multi-modality (images, molecular, functional) data for discovery
    • Computer reasoning with neuroanatomical/spatial component of Neuroscience data