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RO - OBO Relation Ontology

The main RO page is located on sourceforge:

- [1]

You can browse the ontology, get mail list details etc there

Open issues

Proposed new relations

The lacks family of relations is being discussed

Next we will be examining:

has_function, has_quality, and relations that deal with creation, consumption and development

The derives_from relation has been criticised from an ontological POV (REF?). There is also the terminological problem that "derives_from" is used specifically for evolutionary relationships by some. We will report back on this after the september NCBO anatomy meeting. We may create a "develops_from" parent for transformation_of corresponding to how that relation is currently used in MOD AOs

OWL Conversion

The standard GO obo->owl conversion is used. See OboInOwl:Main_Page for details

obo1.2 defines "builtin" tags for relations that are hardwired into the obo semantics - is_a and instance_of are tagged builtin. These are not exported in OWL, as these are also part of the OWL language