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RO - OBO Relation Ontology

The main RO page is located on sourceforge:

- [1]

You can browse the ontology, get mail list details etc there

Open issues

Proposed new relations

OWL Conversion

The standard GO obo->owl conversion is used. See Obo2Owl for details

obo1.2 defines "builtin" tags for relations that are hardwired into the obo semantics - is_a and instance_of are tagged builtin. These are not exported in OWL, as these are also part of the OWL language

Note that obo inverse_of is *not* exported to owl:inverseOf. There is no equivalent of the obo language inverse_of in OWL

In Obo 1.2 semantics, inverse only holds for instances

R obo:inverse_of R' => ( x R y => y R' x), where x and y are instances

It would seem that the following holds for owl:

P owl:inverseOf P' => (X P Y => Y P' X)

(TO BE CHECKED - this is my reading of the owl spec)

This does not follow from the definitions of the OBO relations. In fact we go out of our way to make it clear that this is not intended; eg

testis part_of human holds universally for canonical testes human has_part testis does not hold universally

See the paper for more details