Minutes from 08/02/07 Conference Call

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Present on the call: Christian Cocos, Jim Zheng, Wenle Zhao, Herb Hagler, Jennifer Fostel, Matthias Samwald, Richard Scheuermann

Next TC will be the BRIDG presentation by Doug Fridsma

  • Aug 10 at 11 CDT Doug Fridsma will give a presentation about BRIDG and its relationship with the NCI Enterprise Vocabulary System (EVS)

Bron Kisler's presentation can be downloaded here: http://pathcuric1.swmed.edu/Research/haglerdocs/Kisler_OCI_Work_Group_CDISC_Terminology_2Aug2007.ppt

The following instructions were forwarded describing access to the SDTM Packages under development and the CDISC Glossary.

Accessing the SDTM Package 2A Terminology set currently posted for public review through 17 August – (i) go to the CDISC website @ www.cdisc.org; (ii) go to the 3rd section posted under “What’s New” on the homepage for the Terminology Team; (iii) go to the “click here” link; and (iv) finally go to the links to download Terminology SDTM Package 2A and the Public Review comment spreadsheet. Once comments are made they can be posted onto the Discussion Forum. SDTM Package 2A represents a compilation of terminology code lists for specific fields in the CDISC Submission Model (SDTM) – ECG fields as well as Concomitant Meds, Drug Exposure and Substance Use.

Accessing SDTM Package 1 and the 1st set of Labtest Terms currently in production within the NCI EVS environment – (i) follow steps i-iii above; (ii) click on the link http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/terminologyresources/ …this will take you to an environment where CDISC, FDA and other production terminology subsets can be downloaded; (iii) click on the “CDISC Terminology” link on the left side of the web page; and finally (iv) click on the “Excel” link at the bottom to download the CDISC spreadsheet with production terms. Once again, what you will see is a compilation of controlled terminology code list (drawn directly from NCI Thesaurus) associated with specific SDTM fields. We are currently working on a XML rendition of this information for improved system consumption.

If anyone on the OCI team would like to ensure they receive the most up-to-date information regarding future public review cycles as well as production terminology releases, they should check “What’s New” on the homepage regularly and/or sign up to the CDISC mailing list. To do so…(i) click the “CDISC Mailing List” link on the homepage; and (ii) then go to “Join our e-mail list” The next set of 200 Labtest terms will be posted for public review this month and SDTM Package 2B this fall. Once a terminology set completes public review and comments are addressed, it is moved into production within the NCI EVS environment. Also, the CDISC Glossary will be posted on the NCI Terminology Resource site by September which will make it much easier for people to access and use.