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On the internal calendar.

Upcoming meetings

  • Phenotype Ontology Content Workshop
    • Nov. 5-6, 2005, CSHL
    • Attending
      • From cBio: Mark, Nigam, Suzi, Chris, John, Michael, George, Monte, Erik, Fabian (not Barry)
      • David Valle, OMIM
      • Anne Kwitek, rat cardiovascular, RGD
      • Yves Lussier, SNOMED
      • Rex Chisolm, NUgene project
    • Multiple agendas: annotation tool, content development, postdoc meetings
  • Phenotype Annotation Meeting
    • December 11-12, 2005, Asilomar conference center
    • Attending
      • From ZFIN: Monte Westerfield, Erik Segerdell, Melissa Haendel
      • From FlyBase: Gillian Millburn (hopefully George Gkoutos as well)
      • From Berkeley: Suzi Lewis, John Day-Richter, Chris Mungall
      • From Victoria: Peggy Storey, Chris Callendar, Sean Falconer
    • Define requirements of phenotype annotation tools
  • NCBC Meeting
    • Dec. 15-16, NIH
    • Attending: Mark, Suzi
    • Introducting new NCBCs to each other and NIH staff
  • cBio Project Meeting
    • March 2-4, 2006, Stanford Unversity
    • Entire project & Scientific Advisory board
    • Project meeting & internal workshop led by Barry.
  • Image Ontology Workshop
    • Late March, 2006, Bay Area?
    • CCB NCBC and others with biomedical image ontologies
  • Biomedical Ontology Workshop in association with FOIS 2006 (Formal Ontology and Information Systems)
    • November 6-8, 2006, John Hopkins University
    • Barry
  • NCBC Biomedical Ontology Workshop
    • Later in 2006
    • Other NCBC's
  • Human Genetics Society of America Meeting
    • October 2006
    • Presentation to find collaborators, also ontology workshop

Past meetings

  • Forbes Dewey Meeting
    • Late October, MIT
    • Michael Ashburner, chair
    • Goal to see if anonymous foundation would pay for ontology content unification, standards, collaboration, etc.
  • Genome Informatics Meeting
    • Oct. 28-Nov. 1, CSHL
    • Suzi will give presentation on cBio.
    • Birds of a feather sessions, one on ontology.