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* Get all ResolvedValueSets {{CTS2_RDF_base}}resolvedvaluesets
* Get all ResolvedValueSets {{CTS2_RDF_base}}resolvedvaluesets
* Get ResolvedValueSet {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049
* Get ResolvedValueSet {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049
* Get ResolvedValueSet {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049?matchvalue=toe
* Get ResolvedValueSet (with filter) {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049?matchvalue=toe
* Get ResolvedValueSet entities {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049/entities?matchvalue=toe
* Get ResolvedValueSet entities (with filter) {{CTS2_RDF_base}}valueset/SNOMEDCT-TF/definition/SNOMEDCT-TF-43049/resolution/43049/entities?matchvalue=toe
=== AssociationQuery ===
=== AssociationQuery ===

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CTS2 REST Services

Known Issues

  • URI Mismatch: Certain portions of the RDF Plugin utilize the NCBO REST service for searching. Sometimes, the URIs returned by the NCBO REST service are not identical to those int the triple store. This will manifest on Entity Read by Name queries.
  • Jena Local Name Parsing: Jena is used in the background for parsing the returned RDF.

Given a URI like http://purl.bioontology.org/ontology/RCD/7K6Ax

Jena will parse the "local part" of this URI as 'K6Ax' (notice the missing '7'). This may be a Jena bug. The only known example is: http://informatics.mayo.edu/cts2/services/bioportal-rdf//codesystem/RCD/version/RCD-42295/entity/RCD:7K6Ax Notice how the 'name' part and the local part of the 'about' are out of sync.

  • All Read Services are executed by a SPARQL query similar to:

<http://some/uri...> ?p ?o

  • Unbound predicate queries are expensive to execute on the triple store, and CTS2 requires all Properties of a given subject to be displayed. This will cause all CTS2 Read services to have a delay in returning results.