CTO Check-out Procedure Proposal

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[Adapted from Cristian Cocos (username: Aqualung)] When planning to work on the ontology:

1. Make sure, via Skype, that no one is working on the ontology right now, so that you can be certain that the ontology you will be downloading is the latest version.

2. Let everybody know that you will be working on the ontology for a certain amount of time, starting now. (Offline Skype status, or no reply, will be interpreted as "not working on the ontology, go ahead"! Make sure, then, that you are always online when working on the CTO.)

3. Download the latest CTO version using your SVN client.

4. Read the log, just so you know what has happened to the CTO since you last updated it.

5. Do your work, keeping track religiously of all the changes you make. All of this will go into the log. Will be making heavy use of abbreviations (ac=added class, mc=modified class, dc=deleted class etc.). The log should be as exhaustive as possible.

6. When done, you should save all changes locally, and upload them onto the server. Make sure you fill out the log when uploading (you will be prompted to do that at the time of the upload).

7. Let everyone know via Skype that you have just uploaded the latest version, and that you are done with the CTO for now.