HOM and extending the reach of BioPortal


Biomedical ontologies are not as "pure" as their biological counterparts and new services for the NCBO BioPortal are needed to address those requirements.  We need better methods of describing clinical instance data, far more robust support for value sets, more seamless methods for inheriting medical terms into site specific implementations, and we need cleaner versioning of medical terminologies.  The IHPS Lab and the HOM project continue to work on these issues to make computation on clinical instance data across institutions a reality.

Rob Wynden is the lead scientist at the IHPS informatics Lab where he leads a dedicated team of informatics researchers working on issues in population statistics when working with clinical data.  Rob has also lead the HOM (Health Ontology Mapper) project for the CTSA for the last 4 years and the IHPS Lab is an active user of the NCBO BioPortal and NCBO Annotator systems.

Ketty Mobed, PhD is the clinical ontologist and staff researcher at the IHPS Informatics Lab. To date she has created and compiled several dozen working ontologies, that when used in conjunction with HOM will let the enduser access and search the underlying source data.