The Gene Wiki: Cultivating and mining community intelligence in biology

The goal of the Gene Wiki is to create a continuously-updated, collaboratively-written, and community-reviewed review article for every gene in the human genome.  The Gene Wiki currently takes the form of ~10,000 Wikipedia articles, each describing one human gene.  In total, the Gene Wiki contains over 65 MB of text content.  It receives over four million page views and one thousand edits per month.  Having attained a sizeable and growing volume of content, one major area of emphasis is improving the computability of this resource. Specifically, we will describe our efforts to mine candidate structured gene annotations from community-contributed text in the Gene Wiki.
Andrew Su has been at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) since 2002 where he is currently the Associate Director of Bioinformatics.  One focus of his research is building tools to harness the intelligence of communities.  The Gene Wiki ( and BioGPS ( are the two primary applications in this area.  Andrew received his Ph.D. from the Scripps Research Institute and did his undergraduate at Northwestern University.  To overcome his deep-seated ignorance of ontologies and their applications, Andrew hired Ben Good as a personal tutor.  More importantly, Ben leads the effort to structure Gene Wiki content.  Ben has been a postdoctoral associate at GNF since May 2010.  Prior to that, he received his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, M.Sc. at the University of Sussex, and BS at UC San Diego.