Announcement of First Set of OBO Foundry Ontologies

The goal of the OBO Foundry initiative is to create an evolving group of biological and biomedical ontologies which will have the potential to cover a wide range of life science phenomena in a modular fashion. To realize this goal, we have subjected a number of candidate ontologies to a process of review, the first phase of which has now been completed. The following ontologies

CHEBI: Chemical Entities of Biological Interest
GO: Gene Ontology
PATO: Phenotypic Quality Ontology
PRO: Protein Ontology
XAO: Xenopus Anatomy Ontology
ZFA: Zebrafish Anatomy Ontology

have satisfied the OBO Foundry principles and are recommended as preferred targets for community convergence. More details concerning these recommendations, and also concerning the next steps in the OBO Foundry review process, have been published at:

Friday, March 5, 2010
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