The ECGrid Toolkit and the use of data annotation in studies of cardiac hypertrophy and sub-clinical detection of heart disease


This talk displays scientific applications of the ECGrid Toolkit and ECG ontology developed by the CVRG NCBO Driving Biomedical Project.  Working with two topics of focus (cardiac hypertrophy and sub-clinical detection of heart disease), researchers upload ECGs using the Toolkit and annotate them with ontology terms. These annotations allow for correlations of patterns in the ECG waveforms with ECG statistical analyses. Combined these correlations allow for further interpretation of study demographic and imaging data.  In turn, these studies have contributed more computational terms to the ECG ontology. With these new terms, along with the addition of the NovaCode classification system, we plan for expanded use of NCBO tools (e.g., OntologyTree Widget, NCBO Annotator, etc.) to improve upon the ECG ontology and make more ECG data semantically interoperable.

Dr. Winslow is the Raj and Neera Singh Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Director of the Institute for Computational Medicine. His research is focused on the use of computational modeling to understand the molecular mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death. He is Principal Investigator of the CardioVascular Research Grid Project, an NHLBI-funded resource, with research teams at four universities, aimed at creating a national infrastructure for sharing and analysis of cardiovascular data.