Bioontology Community Blog

 Welcome to the NCBO Blog! We're glad you're here, and we hope you visit often.

The National Center for Biomedical Ontology is an international consortium of researchers in informatics, computer science and biomedicine committed to improving human health and biomedical research. We support the development of technology and infrastructure to accelerate biomedical discovery, and strive to provide tools to improve the management and analysis of biomedical data and knowledge.

We are one of seven National Centers for Biomedical Computing funded by the NIH Roadmap. The Centers are intended to be the core of the networked national effort to build the computational infrastructure for biomedical computing in the nation.

The NCBO's vision is that all biomedical knowledge and data are disseminated on the Internet using principled ontologies in such a way that the knowledge and data are semantically interoperable and useful for furthering biomedical science and clinical care. Our mission is to create software and support services for the application of principled ontologies in biomedical science and clinical care, ranging from tools for application developers to software for end-users.

We also hope to provide a community meeting area for those in the biomedical ontology community, allowing researchers, clinicians, trainees and computer scientists a place to exchange ideas and enhance the field. To this end, the Center will use this Blog to discuss recent ontology news, interesting conference presentations, and user input. We also offer forums for job postings, discussion of relevant publications, and ontology mailing list archives, to enable the community to come together to discuss items of importance.

Users are free to post to the forums, and if you'd like to participate in blogging, please contact the webmaster for more information.