Community: Dissemination & Training

Dissemination and Training
Education of trainees and dissemination to broader biomedical community are highly interrelated tasks. Our dissemination goal is to educate our colleagues in the biomedical community about the use of ontology-orientated tools in general and about NCBO’s technology in particular.

  • NCBO-sponsored Dissemination & Training Events
    NCBO sponsors workshops, tutorials and conferences to inform biologists and bioinformaticians about the capabilities of NCBO. These events occur throughout the United States and worldwide at venues popular with our target audience.
  • Learning about Ontologies
    NCBO has created a number of videos to describe what ontologies are, how they are used in general and how they are used in the biomedical domain.
  • Using BioPortal and NCBO Technology
    NCBO is creating a series of short videos illustrating how to use its technology. The first of these is now available. Others will become available in the coming months.
  • Training Biocomputational Scientists
    NCBO sponsors training programs at Stanford University, the Mayo Clinic, University at Buffalo, and the University of Victoria. All the programs have a long and distinguished track records in training students and postdoctoral fellows in disciplines related to the centers work.
  • NCBO Educational Materials
    The NCBO aims to enhance public education and the dissemination of ideas to researchers, students, and those new to the field of ontology.
  • Training Programs in Biomedical Ontology
    One of the NCBO's goals is to facilitate and encourage the training of future researchers to use biomedical ontologies and related tools in the hope of enhancing scientific discovery. The Center undertakes an ambitious education training program by producing educational videos and providing a biweekly webinar series.