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For the Sake of Research and Patient Care, Scientists Must Find Common Language

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In July, hundreds of international scientists from dozens of biomedical fields will meet at the University at Buffalo seeking a common language with which to energize cross-disciplinary research.

Tutorial on "How to Build a Biomedical Ontology", June 29 at Emory University

Barry Smith will present a tutorial on "How to Build a Biomedical Ontology" on June 29 at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  The tutorial consists of two parts; a survey of ontology principles and applications in clinical and translational research and a case study of the new ontology for newborn screening that is being developed at Emory.  This tutorial is part of the series of dissemination events sponsored by the National Center for Biomedical Ontology. For further details, see http://ontology.buffalo.edu/11/Tutorial_Atlanta_2011.htm


Science Careers - Focus on Biomedical Ontologies

Check out Science Careers for an article on Biomedical Ontologies.

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