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The Top 10 Errors To Avoid When Building Ontologies

1. Mixing singulars and plurals

"National Socialism is_a political systems" -- MeSH

Barry Smith’s comments on “Semi-automated ontology generation within OBO- Edit” paper

A new paper entitled "Semi-automated ontology generation within OBO-Edit" has just appeared in the journal Bioinformatics [1]. The paper describes a system called 'DOG4DAG', which supports the creation and extension of OBO ontologies by semi- automatically generating terms, definitions and parent-child relations from text in PubMed, the web and PDF repositories.

ICBO summary for Phenoscapers

At the IBCO there were a number of talks of interest to Phenoscapers, including one from the BGEE group on Homolonto and Chris Mungall’s on GO cross products and Uberon.  Read more.  See also here.

Peter Jackson’s blog on IBCO conference

Peter Jackson, chief scientist at Thomson Reuters with responsibility for corporate research and development, attended the first International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO), held in Buffalo, NY. He appeared on a Panel of Ontology and Publishing and blogs about the Role of Ontology in Biomedicine as well as about Tools for Annotation and Mapping.

C2 Domain Ontology within Our Lifetime by Ms. Leslie Winters, U.S Joint Forces Command, Dr. Andreas Tolk,Old Dominion University

It is not only in the biomedical domain that ontologies are increasingly being used to advance data information and analysis. Similar developments can be witnessed in many other domains, for example in the military domain of what is called 'C2' or 'Command and Control', which requires agile information sharing with an increasingly wide variety of military and non-military partners. This paper describes an initiative to develop a C2 domain ontology in order to improve C2 data and service integration. It provides an overview of ontology, examples of existing ontologies (including biomedical ontologies), and key C2 areas of potential application.Click here to read the paper.

From Ancient Philosophy to Drug Safety at GSK by Gary H. Merrill, Semantic Technologies Group, GSK

I would like to take this opportunity to describe the type of work that the Semantic Technologies Group in Statistical and Quantitative Sciences has been involved with over the past five or so years.  Since most SQS and DDS members are unfamiliar with this area, this letter will be a bit longer than is customary.   We start with a brief history lesson.
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