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Call For Papers: new journal Bionomina: International Journal of Biological Nomenclature & Terminologyapers

Bionomina is a new journal that offers an interdisciplinary forum for general discussions of terminology, naming practices, and concept use in different parts of biology. The journal is edited by biologists, historians and philosophers of biology, and solicits contributions from these groups of researchers.

NIGMS article: What is an ontology?

Stephanie Dutchen from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) writes on “What is an ontology” explaining how ontologies can be used to organize biological knowledge by providing a common vocabulary for scientists in different organizations and specialties and by representing the relationships between terms providing added knowledge.
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To learn more about ontologies, review the NCBO Educational Materials and BioPortal, a library of biomedical ontologies. 

Feedback from Harold Solbrig, Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics at the Mayo Clinic to Barry Smith, NCBO

The ICBO meeting impressed me by how much of it focused on the science of biomedicine itself, using the language of ontology for clarification and communication.  This was a refreshing change from many of the earlier meetings in this subject area, where the discussion centered primarily on whether one person's opinion on the organization and naming of a subject area was any better or worse than another's and whether we had a right to even say.
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