Biotea, delivering the semantic infrastructure for PubMed Central




The Web has succeeded as a dissemination platform for scientific and non-scientific papers, news, and communication in general; however, most of that information remains locked up in discrete documents, which are poorly interconnected to one another, and to the Web itself. The connectivity tissue provided by RDF technology and the Social Web have barely made an impact on scientific communication.

We present our approach to scholarly communication within the context of the Semantic Web, which entails understanding the research paper as an interface to the Web of Data. We have semantically processed the full-text, open-access subset of PubMed Central. Our RDF model and resulting dataset make extensive reuse of existing ontologies and semantic enrichment services. We expose our model, services, prototype, and datasets at

The semantic processing for biomedical literature that we present in this paper embeds documents in the Web of Data and facilitates the execution of concept-based queries over the entire digital library. Moreover, our approach delivers a flexible and adaptable semantic infrastructure for digital libraries; it is applicable independently of the business model of the publisher. Our model delivers a semantically rich and highly linked dataset with self-describing content so that software can make effective use of it.



Alexander Garcia is currently working on semantic web technologies in digital libraries in the biomedical domain. Alexander has extensive experience in ontology and semantic web engineering. Alexander has been working in Translational Research, Knowledge Management and Ontology Engineering since 2007; he has held post doctoral positions at I2R (Singapore) as well as at Uni-Bremen (Germany). Alexander has several journal and conference papers as well as book chapters. He has chaired workshops such as OCAS @ ISWC 2011 (Ontologies Coming of Age), ORES @ ESWC 2010 (Ontology Repositories and Editors), Sepublica 2011 @ ESWC.