Biomedical Annotation by Humans and computers in a Keyword-driven world




As part of our project with the NCBO we have been curating expression experiments housed in NCBI's GEO data base and annotating a variety of rat-related records using the NCBO Annotator and more recently, mining data from the NCBO Resource Index. The annotation pipelines and curation tools that we have built have demonstrated some strengths and shortfalls of automated ontology annotation. Similarly our manual curation of these records highlights areas where human involvement could be improved to better address the fact that we are living in the Google era where findability is King.



Simon Twigger currently splits his time between being an Assistant Professor in the Human and Molecular Genetics Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and exploring the iPhone and iPad as mobile platforms for education and interaction. At MCW he has been an investigator on the Rat Genome Database project for the past 10 years, he worked with the Gene Ontology project and has been active in the BioCuration community as co-organizer of the past three International BioCuration meetings. He is the former Director of Bioinformatics for the MCW Proteomics Center and was previously the Biomedical Informatics Key Function Director for the MCW Clinical & Translational Science Institute. He is a Semantic web enthusiast and is eagerly awaiting the rapture of Web 3.0 when all the data will be taken up into the Linked Data cloud and its true potential realized.