NCBO Current and Emerging Technologies

Benjamin Dai

NCBO, Stanford University


With the explosion of information in the biomedical domain, it has become much harder for scientists to access knowledge and experimental data with rapidity and accuracy. The NCBO is currently developing technologies that will advance biology and medicine by enhancing the structured organization of knowledge and improving access to large repositories of biomedical knowledge and data. Benjamin will be presenting:

  • BioPortal 2.0 - a Web application for browsing ontologies, support of mappings between ontologies, for community-based peer review
  • Open Biomedical Resources - a facility that allows scientists to use ontologies to access publicly available biomedical data and knowledge
  • Open Biomedical Annotator - a tool that uses ontologies to annotate scientific data computationally
  • NCBO Fabric and REST Services - an architecture that allows users to embed NCBO services in their tools
  • Emerging User Interface Tools - a variety of creative visualization techniques that provide cognitive support for browsing ontologies
  • The NCBO PURL Server - a service that provides Unique Resource Identifiers for biomedical concepts.

The NCBO tools work together to facilitate accession and management of ontologies in the BioPortal repository and the use of those ontologies to ease the identification and retrieval of relevant data and knowledge resources.